Why “HostedByAnn”

Hi there!
And welcome to HostedByAnn,

I started my blog to take you with me on my journey,
Just like a passionate, personal host, I’ll show you around.
Whether it’s in my favorite city New York, the 1000 cute little neighborhood restaurants I try out every week or the thoughts rumbling around in my head.

 – Knowledge doesn’t mean anything unless you’re able to share it with someone – 

I mostly write about my own experiences, to give you a reason to go to that specific place, bar, restaurant. Even though I come from a culinary back ground, descriptions of menu’s or plates are a rarity on my page.

The menu might have changed, the season was different, the restaurant works with local suppliers,… I don’t believe these things are that significant for a great experience.
They’ll contribute, no doubt about that, but it’s the small personal touche that made mine and hopefully your visit remarkable.
For me, it’s all about service. And with my background in hospitality, I think I can say I have quite a taste for it.

Coming to New York? Let me know, there’s plenty of things to discover!
I’ll be your host and we’ll create experiences together!

With love – X