Who is :: ANN ::

Who is Ann you ask? Happy to meet you!
My name is Ann Van Halewyck. I’m a foodie, a host and a blogger.

After 5 years working in High End restaurants in Belgium and The Netherlands, I decided to look for my dreams in real life.
I made myself a promise in 2010 while city tripping in New York City:
‘To live 1 year in this Urban Jungle, walk all the street, experience what living in a metropool like this does with you as a person.’

So I left in February, only with a suitcase and a bucket full of dreams!
I turned this city inside out, met a lot of people, discovered my true core values and became the better version of myself in many directions.

After 3 months, I wasn’t ready to go back so I tried to find a way to come back.
In the meanwhile, I started to create my own business because choosing dreams shouldn’t be only for the happy few. My blog (www.annvanhalewyck.com) is the first part in this amazing rollercoaster called ‘LIFE’.
I write about all the small little things that keeps me going in life. I believe that the key to leading a fun and exciting life lies in taking advantage of every sip, kiss, melody, color and destination. We all know the feeling of life getting in the way of enjoying the little things. But by waking up every day, we’re getting another chance to start enjoying them.
No matter how busy we are or how much money we make, we can all enjoy the small luxuries of new experiences.

I strongly believe that everyone can achieve great things if they are in the right state of mind.
That’s why I am starting a community where education and creativity will be going hand in hand.

‘Life starts outside your comfort zone’. But if you don’t have a safe comfort zone?
How can you step out of it to experience the real beauty of life?

I am still collecting experiences, knowledge and like-minded people so I can make another promise to you and to myself: “Realize your childhood dream: Have my own successful business and inspire people to take the leap of faith in choosing DREAMS”