Colonie – You can decide which neighborhood you’re in …

I spend my first summer in New York mostly in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
With a full view of downtown Manhattan’s skyline, plenty of lawns, a little beach and multiple hide out benches, it’s the perfect place to unwind, relax, wander or people-watching.

Maybe I should write some posts on all the great things that happened to me so far at this park? – Keep going, we’re all ears!

Anyhow, after one of my days at the park, I wasn’t really in the mood for cooking at home. – Reading all those reviews, you wouldn’t think I’d actually know how to cook at home, would you? So I was walking home and stumbled upon Colonie. Oysters and pasta on the menu, fun people inside, a bar, planters on the wall… Yeah, found my dinner spot I guess!

Ever since that first time, I’ve been visiting Colonie on many occasions. With Mr. P., with P&C – my ‘NYC-parents’ for brunch, with I. to catch up on our friendship. The vibe is lively, food simple American but always on point. Can’t remember a single time when I didn’t have a good experience at Colonie.

And since Hospitality is keeping me alive in New York, I know I can always get my free shot here!

127 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Photo credit: Colonie

Tetsu – it’s not Masa

Every Spring I get really excited!
New season! Yay!
Great for fashion lovers, flora enthusiasts and beach addicts!
It’s when they all prepare for summer time! Even the city does!

Not that I am a fashion lover – I do appreciate nice summer dresses though.
I’m more preparing for my friend Mr. P. to come back to New York!
After a long, cold winter, it’s always such a pleasure seeing him again.

So when I got his text:
Hi Foodie Friend, Back in the City,
Where to go for our ‘Welcome, Happy-to-be-back-in-NYC’ dinner? Let me know!
I got all excited and pulled up my hit-list!

The exact same week as I got this text, a friend of mine told me he had applied for a new job at this amazing Japanese neighborhood restaurant called Tetsu.
I had never heard about it, but did some research and made a reservation.

You know, New York is a city full of opportunities, where it’s great to share idea’s, concepts and experiences. And that’s exactly what we did at Tetsu.
We shared our food – YAY! Wagyu ragout! – had a nice bottle of wine, caught up on life and where amazed by their goat cheese cheese cake.

A place like Tetsu will make you happy.
And that’s more then enough reason to go!

78 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013

Photo Credit: Dacia Pierson for Tetsu

21 Greenpoint – Colorfull neighborhood spot

First day of summer in New York asks for fun times out.
Preferably with great company – Thanks Alex! – and plenty of new spots to try out!

Ever played that game where you need to make combo’s of 4 cards?
Our cards of the day where: Barista – Sommelier – Beer enthusiastic – Food lover.
Think about it … and it was just the 2 of us! Can’t go wrong with that!

So ‘what about for dinner?’ led us to ’21 Greenpoint’.
Want to know where they got the name from?
It happens to be their address, simple as that!

Sitting at the counter or a table for 2?
Although it wasn’t really a date, we took that cute little side table for 2.

2 glasses of wine, bone marrow, watching the group of people sitting in front of us, enjoying the atmosphere, discovering that there is a whole back area, enjoying the passion in the open kitchen till using the -very spacious and colorful- bathroom.

The whole neighborhood comes together here.
They even invited Michelin one day – and Bill Murray too.
But that’s because of his son …

21 Greenpoint 
21 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Photo credit: Open Table 

Celeste – Underneath the Italian Sun …

Every neighborhood has it’s own Italian spot and Upper West Siders all know the road to this place.
Conveniently located close to the Museum of Natural History, you can never fail when stepping into this restaurant.

The manager will greet you with a smile and will help you making the right decision.

Their ravioli with ricotta and spinach is a must-try evergreen.
More adventurous?
Try one of the daily specials!

All pizza’s and fresh pasta’s are home made, the Nero D’Avola from Sicily will make you feel as if you were having dinner underneath the Italian Sun…

Buon Appetito!

502 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024

Photo credit: TripAdvisor 


Vinegar Hill House – Little Brooklyn Gem

The discovery of a hidden gem,
or when turning left is absolutely right!
That’s how I found Vinegar Hill House,

Just kidding, my date took me here after gazing at the stars the night before.
Nonetheless, I was amazed by everything.
Not seeing the guy anymore – this place every once in a while …

From the delicious granola parfait, over our freshly squeezed OJ
(-I didn’t know that was short for Orange Juice at the time) till the summers breeze cooling down the patio.

Very local people, very Brooklyn vibe and very nice food.

Come early for dinner or later on Saturdays and Sundays for Brunch…

It’s the perfect spot!

Vinegar Hill House
72 Hudson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Photo credit: GrubStreet 

Roberta’s – Here to stay!

Want to eat Pizza? Roberta’s.

Want to eat Pizza and have a great time? Roberta’s.

Want to have a great experience without the Pizza? Roberta’s.

In the last case, go for the Coppa, Oxtail Ragout, seasonal salad and a sticky bun.

Hang out in the garden while you wait for a table, have a glass of wine, watch the cool crowd, be part of what people call a hype.
Don’t worry about that, they’re wrong.
A hype will fade out after a while, Roberta’s is here to stay!

261 Moore street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Photo credit: The Infatuation 

La Vara – Escape to Spain …

Without a doubt one of my personal favorites!
The first time I visited La Vara, I was just wandering in the streets of the cutest Brooklyn Neighborhood ever, Cobble Hill. With a city guide in one hand and a refreshing drink in the other, I parked myself on one of the benches in Cobble Hill Park while I was looking for a nice place for dinner.

La Vara was listed as one of the To-Go spots in this area and was just next to the park.
This Spanish Tapas restaurant creates the perfect vibe for every occasion.

Want to grab a cocktail and a quick bite? Ask for a seat at the bar.
Date night with your boy/girl friend? A table for two please!
Girls night or meeting with the in-laws? The 2 benches by the windows will make sure everybody’s having a good time!

Sharing is caring and all of the plates are prepared perfectly.
No need to make it harder on yourself, just order everything!
In case you do need to make a decision: Go for the CARABINEROS!
This delicacy alone is worth the trip!

Whenever you are in dire need of some really good tapas, La Vara…

La Vara
268 Clinton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Photo credit: La Vara

Karasu – Treasure hunting in the neighborhood!

The best thing about moving around in New York City, is the search for new local gems. And since I recently moved into Fort Greene, looks like I have a lot to discover! Alongside Dekalb Avenue, there are plenty of options but this one is from outer space!

Secretly located inside Walter’s, I felt like being on a treasure hunt!

The little kid was dancing around inside me, – thank God she’s over 21y – because those cocktails …!
Never knew a combo of Yuzu, grapefruit and Shochu would be so delicious!

Same goes for that Ribeye for 2, don’t think about it, just order it.
Besides, couples that share food together, stay together!

– Isn’t that something they say?

166 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
– Entrance through Walters

Photo credit: Karasu

Olmsted – Celebrating our love for the neighborhood!

Sharing knowledge and experiences … my favorite drug to survive in this city!

If you get recommendations from a friend with a background in culinary art, it is setting high expectations for Olmsted.
Mr. P. was back in town so I decided to take him on a trip to Prospect Heights for dinner in Olmsted.

While sipping on my cocktail with Yuzu, Vermouth, Gin and Sherry, I started to observe the energy floating in this convivial neighborhood restaurant. Knowledgeable servers explaining the colorful dishes to the guests, an eccentric but very nice bartender stirring cocktails, the passion in the kitchen was more than enough to make sure all plates were looking amazing.

This was a vision that had came to life and everybody in the restaurant was being a part of it – even the planters on the wall.

The Austrian Gruner Veltliner turned out not to be the only thing we had in our glass that night. Madeira and a sparkling wine made us forget about the time.
The garden was the perfect setting for the infamous S’MORES to finish an amazing experience.

Professionals run this place.
Every single detail matters.

659 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Photo credit: Paul Wagtouicz

Walters – Where it’s hard to be a stranger

Tuesday night dinners are as unpredictable as hurricane season,

You might get hit, you might survive,

Either way, just go with the flow, you might end up in a great neighborhood spot which will give you a great story to tell!

So here’s my story,

Last Tuesday, I was just wondering around in my new neighborhood, Fort Greene, looking for dinner.
Was it the pre-Thanksgiving buzz?
Or just the weather turning?
Or the cool crowd inside?

I don’t know but my experience was definitely remarkable.

From the lovely hostess, over my seat at the bar, to Kevin – the great bartender, even the lady with her blue hat trying to make conversation with every single person at the bar.

It made my day better, gave me a smile on my face and for sure a reason to return!

It’s hard to be a stranger here!

Come in and enjoy!


166 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Photo credit Walters restaurant