Sasabune – Where you won’t find Californian Rolls

When I was a kid, my mom and dad made it possible to have breakfast and dinner together as a family. All around the table. As my dad had his own company, some days he would come home for lunch as well. Food and sharing a meal is something I learned from the very beginning. It’s about making time for each other, to come together, listen to each others stories and checking in with each other.

When I moved to The Netherlands and I bought a house with my boyfriend, I only had 1 requirement: I wanted a huge table in the kitchen with at least space for 8 people to sit. Both of us came from a family with 4 brothers and sisters so having the option to invite all of them them over for dinner at our place was most important for me.

Since I moved to New York, I discovered so many other different eating cultures. The one that amazes me the most is the Japanese culture. It’s very much focussed on the quality of the food, the presentation and the hospitality.

Last week, a friend of mine invited me over for dinner and took me to Sasabune in the Upper East Side. Never heard about it before. Doesn’t show much of fuss out on the street either. The only sign they had: We don’t serve Californian Rolls, trust me.

Whenever I go to a classic Japanse restaurant, it strikes me they never have music in the back ground. But that doesn’t mean the experience isn’t on point!
We were welcomed with the most generous Japanse hospitality you can imagine and decided to sit in the back area.

We choose from the a la carte menu what basically really just sushi is supposed to be. Raw fish with rice.
Tuna, uni, miso black cod, river eel, horse mackerel, fluke, red snapper, scallop,…

Forget about those ‘All you can eat-sushi’ places.
If you want to eat real sushi, go to Sasabune!

Sasabune NY
401 E73rd street
New York, NY 10021

Photo credit: Sasabune 

Tetsu – it’s not Masa

Every Spring I get really excited!
New season! Yay!
Great for fashion lovers, flora enthusiasts and beach addicts!
It’s when they all prepare for summer time! Even the city does!

Not that I am a fashion lover – I do appreciate nice summer dresses though.
I’m more preparing for my friend Mr. P. to come back to New York!
After a long, cold winter, it’s always such a pleasure seeing him again.

So when I got his text:
Hi Foodie Friend, Back in the City,
Where to go for our ‘Welcome, Happy-to-be-back-in-NYC’ dinner? Let me know!
I got all excited and pulled up my hit-list!

The exact same week as I got this text, a friend of mine told me he had applied for a new job at this amazing Japanese neighborhood restaurant called Tetsu.
I had never heard about it, but did some research and made a reservation.

You know, New York is a city full of opportunities, where it’s great to share idea’s, concepts and experiences. And that’s exactly what we did at Tetsu.
We shared our food – YAY! Wagyu ragout! – had a nice bottle of wine, caught up on life and where amazed by their goat cheese cheese cake.

A place like Tetsu will make you happy.
And that’s more then enough reason to go!

78 Leonard Street
New York, NY 10013

Photo Credit: Dacia Pierson for Tetsu

House of Small Wonder

And be sure to be ‘wondered’.
One of those hidden places you wouldn’t notice passing by.
The fact it’s just a huge blank wall on the outside, is helping keeping the Instagram Influencers away.

Once you get inside, do make pictures of the huge tree growing in the middle.
Or is it the restaurant embracing the tree?

One of my co-workers was telling me about a trip to Japan he was planning.
And to get into the right setting, I invited him for breakfast here at House of Small Wonder.

My friend made me excited about going to Japan!
But for now, House of Small Wonder will do …

House of Small Wonder
77 N6th street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Photo credit: House of Small Wonder

Karasu – Treasure hunting in the neighborhood!

The best thing about moving around in New York City, is the search for new local gems. And since I recently moved into Fort Greene, looks like I have a lot to discover! Alongside Dekalb Avenue, there are plenty of options but this one is from outer space!

Secretly located inside Walter’s, I felt like being on a treasure hunt!

The little kid was dancing around inside me, – thank God she’s over 21y – because those cocktails …!
Never knew a combo of Yuzu, grapefruit and Shochu would be so delicious!

Same goes for that Ribeye for 2, don’t think about it, just order it.
Besides, couples that share food together, stay together!

– Isn’t that something they say?

166 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
– Entrance through Walters

Photo credit: Karasu

Momosan Ramen – Irasshaimase!

I have never felt more WELCOME in a restaurant then I felt in Momosan.
Even on a regular Thursday, after a busy day at work.
Every guest that walks in into this Ramen-Heaven gets a shout out by the team, creating an instant feel-good hospitality experience.

While sipping our Sake – yes, they have plenty – we soaked in this eclectic mix of business people and foodie’s.

Even though the menu is rather limited, we had everything we needed!
Taco’s, pigs ears and their signature Ramen Bowl.
Possibly the more unusual combo I have had so far in New York, but it worked.

And the correlation between classical music and fine dining?
Wiped off of the high seating tables!
Rihanna’s ‘Friends with a Monster’ was living proof that music does have a huge impact on the atmosphere!

Momosan – Ramen and Sake
342 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Photo credit: Momosan