Walters – Where it’s hard to be a stranger

Tuesday night dinners are as unpredictable as hurricane season,

You might get hit, you might survive,

Either way, just go with the flow, you might end up in a great neighborhood spot which will give you a great story to tell!

So here’s my story,

Last Tuesday, I was just wondering around in my new neighborhood, Fort Greene, looking for dinner.
Was it the pre-Thanksgiving buzz?
Or just the weather turning?
Or the cool crowd inside?

I don’t know but my experience was definitely remarkable.

From the lovely hostess, over my seat at the bar, to Kevin – the great bartender, even the lady with her blue hat trying to make conversation with every single person at the bar.

It made my day better, gave me a smile on my face and for sure a reason to return!

It’s hard to be a stranger here!

Come in and enjoy!


166 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Photo credit Walters restaurant 

Sweet, Sweet Polly

Men want to date her,
Women want to be like her.
She stares at you from inside her frame on the wall,
Making sure you’re being served well.
Sweet Polly

And you can be sure Bruno and his team are here to take care of you.
With his team of professionals, they deliver the right experience every single time,

Sipping cocktails at the bar, savoring the small plates or watching the cool Brooklyn crowd.

This place makes you feel sexy, even without a date …

Sweet Polly 
71 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Picture credit by Sweet Polly