Pure C – Welcome!

When the busy summer was over and most of the guests went back to work, I reached out to Pure C, the more casual concept within the Sergio Herman Hospitality Group.
The position of Hostess became available and had most definitely my interest.

As the hostess, I was in charge of processing the reservations, table setting, contact person for our VIP guests and special requests.
Basically the liaison between every department. And since the restaurant was part of a hotel, I had weekly meetings with the front of house team of the hotel as well to make sure all communication was streamlined.

It was great to see several familiar faces from Oud Sluis but also to meet the group of regular guests of Pure C. I recognized most of them and welcomed them here on the sunny side of the beach!

As a hostess, I was more involved in the administrative part of the industry.
Yet I had the opportunity to help with 2 private events at the restaurant.
The 50th birthday of one of our international guests and the wedding of a lovely couple from the media industry in Belgium.

Seeing the bigger picture in restaurant operations will always help you grow to the next step!

Xo – Ann


Ukiyo – New Rising Star in Food Heaven

‘If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,
It’s up to you, New York, New York’
That’s what Frank Sinatra sang couple decades ago.

So when you hear that a dear friend and old co-worker is the new chef of this new restaurant, there is no reason not to visit the place!

I’ve known Marco since we worked together at Oud Sluis (***) in The Netherlands.
Besides that we worked together, we also connected very well personally.
My ex-boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend covered the wine section in the restaurant so there were often weekends and/or holidays we would spend with the 4 of us learning, tasting, eating and enjoying life.

And it was such a pleasure seeing Marco doing his thing here in New York!
With an 18 seat counter, every guest has full exposure to what happens in Marco’s domaine. He brings a lot of knowledge from all around the world onto his plates.

So if you mix the delicate flavors of Zeeland with the exuberant lifestyle of Belgium, you add couple Japanese influences and some culinary memories, there is nothing missing in this eclectic cocktail of great hospitality!

Be adventurous and let Marco lead the way.
It will take you to flavors you didn’t even know existed!

239 E5th street
New York, NY 10003

Photo credit: Ukiyo 

Delaware & Hudson

Mutual interests are always good. Especially if these interests are traveling and food. That’s why my friend M. and I ended up here at Delaware and Hudson couple weeks ago.
Just to catch up, planning our next trip and relaxing after a busy week. (Sounds familiar?)

This small restaurant doesn’t ask for a lot of fuss.

The decor is rather industrial to really keep the focus on the food.
Not a long list with difficult preparations but a delicious summary of all available seasonal products.
And if you say Mid Atlantic – American cuisine, there is no reason not to order the crab cakes!

Whether you come here with friends, family or lovers, the experience is always on point!

It didn’t surprise us at all that Michelin had discovered this hidden gem before us…

Delaware & Hudson
135 N5th street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Photo credit: The Infatuation 

Sweet, Sweet Polly

Men want to date her,
Women want to be like her.
She stares at you from inside her frame on the wall,
Making sure you’re being served well.
Sweet Polly

And you can be sure Bruno and his team are here to take care of you.
With his team of professionals, they deliver the right experience every single time,

Sipping cocktails at the bar, savoring the small plates or watching the cool Brooklyn crowd.

This place makes you feel sexy, even without a date …

Sweet Polly 
71 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Picture credit by Sweet Polly