House of Small Wonder

And be sure to be ‘wondered’.
One of those hidden places you wouldn’t notice passing by.
The fact it’s just a huge blank wall on the outside, is helping keeping the Instagram Influencers away.

Once you get inside, do make pictures of the huge tree growing in the middle.
Or is it the restaurant embracing the tree?

One of my co-workers was telling me about a trip to Japan he was planning.
And to get into the right setting, I invited him for breakfast here at House of Small Wonder.

My friend made me excited about going to Japan!
But for now, House of Small Wonder will do …

House of Small Wonder
77 N6th street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Photo credit: House of Small Wonder

Colson – Sweet Belgian Heaven in New York

What happens if you leave your home country just to experience New York?
– Yes, we all know the feeling.

After a while you get home sick, so you start looking for things you know.
As Belgian girl, I might start looking for beer.
But beer isn’t really my thing.
Sweets are more my comfort zone when I’m feeling lost.

Thank God that’s exactly they have in Colson!
Eclairs – YAY! Even the ones with mocca! – apple tarts, Financiers and Speculoos cookies.

Even if you’re not feeling home sick or you’re not from Belgium, check out Colson.

They have the good stuff!

Colson Pastry
374 9th street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Atla – Good morning Mexico!

You cannot learn with an empty stomach!

My friend Mr. P and I decided to take a trip upstate to enjoy Fall, experience art and visit Hudson. And since the car rental company was located on Lafayette Avenue, we decided to start our tip here at Atla for breakfast.

I always love to learn about new cultures and their eating-habits.
This time around: Mexican cuisine. And being the little side project of gastronomic icon Cosme, Atla was setting the bar high!

It was one of my first ‘Mexican Breakfast-experiences’ but definitely not my last!
The huge windows on the street side, the planters on the wall and the perfectly designed bar made it seem this place was amazing for breakfast and lunch. It was airy, bright and created a great ‘Good morning Mexico’ feeling! Only the sun and the beach were missing!

Our server recommended the Huevos Rancheros.
Too spicy? Get the tropical fruit salad to balance out!
Great advice!

372 Lafayette Avenue
New York, NY 10012

Photo credit: Atla