The People :: Pieter & Charlotte

I call them my New York Parents.
They’re from Belgium and are living in New York.
Since I met them during my first week here, we’ve created plenty of memories together.

What I admire the most about them is how they build a whole life here in New York, including 2 adorable kids, Jerome and Billie.
Every once in while I would babysit these 2 kiddo’s.
I saw them grow up into those little New Yorker kids.

They taught me a lot about New York, about what it’s like to build a social network here, how to take the subway, how to raise 2 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

Charlotte is this amazingly ambitious power woman.
She came to New York for a PhD in neuro science.
Now, she’s listed as one to follow CEO’s of her own company MouSensor, a biotech company that develops a novel and potentially transformative platform to digitize the sense of smell.

Pieter is a creative mastermind with a lot of fun projects behind his name.
He turned his passion for the iconic show ‘Welcome to Twin Peaks’ into a very active online community. Last year, he turned this passion into funding 200K to make a documentary about Catherine, the Log Lady.

Living in New York is their life.
This is where they made everything happen.

Pieter and Charlotte, I’m sure we will meet again soon!
You guys are amazing!
With love – your adopted daughter

Xo – Ann

Photo credit – LifeAdvancer

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