The people :: Miguel Calero

In Pure C, I had the pleasure of working with Miguel Calero.
Amongst connaisseurs in the industry one of the best restaurant managers in Europe.
He worked long time along side Joachim Wissler in restaurant Vendome ***, Germany and was a hospitality professional pur sang.

Always friendly, with a smile, but most important incredibly knowledgable and professional. He taught me how to see the bigger picture more in detail.
It was several times we just ‘observed’ the service. Sitting on the side lines, watching from the outside in was inspiring and a great learning experience.
He showed me how to analyse every situation to provide the best solution possible.

Every day before lunch and dinner, he would go over the reservations, special guests and specific requests with the complete team to make sure we all knew what to expect.
He was a great communicator and leader. He knew the area’s of opportunity, was able to pinpoint the errors and provided the correct guidance and training to improve the overal operations in the restaurant.

Besides his feel for hospitality, he also knew how to take care of the team.
He encouraged us to have dinner, all together, at the communal table in the restaurant.

But the most remarkable thing about him was without a doubt the pink shirts he’d wear every single Sunday. He didn’t miss a single week.
Sunday morning, Miguel in a pink shirt.
It was his trade mark and put a smile on many of our faces.

Thanks Miguel for sharing your passion!

Xo – Ann

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