Summer at the beach …

After 3 years doing high end, I wanted to try another aspect of the industry.
Summer was right around the corner and the beach only a 10 minute drive away.
Did I tell you that I’m secretly a beach girl?
I’m just more me when I’m around the beach or water.

That’s how I ended up at Beachhouse 25 in Breskens, The Netherlands.
The vibe was way more casual, the vision all about going back to basics.
The work environment: fast pace high volume!
I ran a couple miles a day in that place!
It was only for 1 season, till they closed for winter break in the fall.

Since I’m always looking for the system behind how things are working, I noticed a complete different set up and labor model.
As a guest, you don’t really notice the difference.
As a part of the team, it doesn’t look like making sense at all.
Knowing the business side of it now, puts everything in another perspective.

Mike, the owner once told me: ‘If you want to make big money, you need to think big.’
I never really grasped the expression to its full extent, until I had to manage my own restaurant in New York.

Odd how life has its own way of pushing you to the next level…

Xo – Ann

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