21 Greenpoint – Colorfull neighborhood spot

First day of summer in New York asks for fun times out.
Preferably with great company – Thanks Alex! – and plenty of new spots to try out!

Ever played that game where you need to make combo’s of 4 cards?
Our cards of the day where: Barista – Sommelier – Beer enthusiastic – Food lover.
Think about it … and it was just the 2 of us! Can’t go wrong with that!

So ‘what about for dinner?’ led us to ’21 Greenpoint’.
Want to know where they got the name from?
It happens to be their address, simple as that!

Sitting at the counter or a table for 2?
Although it wasn’t really a date, we took that cute little side table for 2.

2 glasses of wine, bone marrow, watching the group of people sitting in front of us, enjoying the atmosphere, discovering that there is a whole back area, enjoying the passion in the open kitchen till using the -very spacious and colorful- bathroom.

The whole neighborhood comes together here.
They even invited Michelin one day – and Bill Murray too.
But that’s because of his son …

21 Greenpoint 
21 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Photo credit: Open Table 

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