Desnuda – Ceviche 2.0

The first time I had a ceviche was when I was working in a Michelin star restaurant in the Netherlands. The chef there had a Ceviche recipe from his mother.
It was amazing! I absolutely loved it!

The first time I had the Ceviche from Desnuda, it blew my mind!
This was even better than what I had before!

I ran into this place randomly, I was looking for dinner while strolling in the East Village. All places around looked good, but none of them looked as appealing as Desnuda. It was really a secret whole in the wall, hard to find – unless you knew it was there – the menu looked good and all the people inside seemed to have a great time.

I ordered Oysters to start with and the Salmon Ceviche.
A glass of white wine and pretty nice company.
Want to impress your date? Take them to Desnuda!

122 E 7th street
New York, NY 10009

Photo credit: NY Time Out Magazine 

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