Olmsted – Celebrating our love for the neighborhood!

Sharing knowledge and experiences … my favorite drug to survive in this city!

If you get recommendations from a friend with a background in culinary art, it is setting high expectations for Olmsted.
Mr. P. was back in town so I decided to take him on a trip to Prospect Heights for dinner in Olmsted.

While sipping on my cocktail with Yuzu, Vermouth, Gin and Sherry, I started to observe the energy floating in this convivial neighborhood restaurant. Knowledgeable servers explaining the colorful dishes to the guests, an eccentric but very nice bartender stirring cocktails, the passion in the kitchen was more than enough to make sure all plates were looking amazing.

This was a vision that had came to life and everybody in the restaurant was being a part of it – even the planters on the wall.

The Austrian Gruner Veltliner turned out not to be the only thing we had in our glass that night. Madeira and a sparkling wine made us forget about the time.
The garden was the perfect setting for the infamous S’MORES to finish an amazing experience.

Professionals run this place.
Every single detail matters.

659 Vanderbilt Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Photo credit: Paul Wagtouicz

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