Walters – Where it’s hard to be a stranger

Tuesday night dinners are as unpredictable as hurricane season,

You might get hit, you might survive,

Either way, just go with the flow, you might end up in a great neighborhood spot which will give you a great story to tell!

So here’s my story,

Last Tuesday, I was just wondering around in my new neighborhood, Fort Greene, looking for dinner.
Was it the pre-Thanksgiving buzz?
Or just the weather turning?
Or the cool crowd inside?

I don’t know but my experience was definitely remarkable.

From the lovely hostess, over my seat at the bar, to Kevin – the great bartender, even the lady with her blue hat trying to make conversation with every single person at the bar.

It made my day better, gave me a smile on my face and for sure a reason to return!

It’s hard to be a stranger here!

Come in and enjoy!


166 Dekalb Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Photo credit Walters restaurant 

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