:: LifeHacks :: MIND (2) – Music

Being in a positive state of mind takes a lot of time and effort.
In my last post, I shared some tips on how to get there.
A personal comfort zone is a must to progress big time.

Besides an actual personal zone, a playlist can create an intimate atmosphere for yourself.
So this week, I want you to create some playlists.
I want you to make a playlists for different purposes.

  1. Wake up – Early morning playlist
    This one should start of calm and build up after 3 songs.
    This list should be your motivation to rise and shine!
    I absolutely love Jamiroquai to wake up!
    Seven days in Sunny June – Perfect!
  2. Work out playlist
    Full of energy! No doubt about it!
    You can go totally crazy with this one!
    Jessy J, Calvin Harris, Bingo Players,…
    Make sure your playlist is long enough to keep you going – at least the distance you’ve set your mind on!
  3. On the road playlist
    When I commute to my store – mostly 1h in the early morning – I really need some adrenaline and deep vibes to be totally ready to open my store and to motivate my team.
    One of my friends – DJ SFIN – created some amazing playlists that really get me started!
  4. Cool down
    After a busy day at work, I need some me-time, reflect and loose the adrenaline.
    Jack Johnson provide the perfect mix on his ‘In Between Dreams’
  5. Feeling sexy playlist
    Yes, you definitely need to create this one!
    We all know the feeling of Saturday night, taking a shower, getting dressed up, ready for that nice date.
    For me, I need some jazzy soul or soft R&B to become my best sexy self.
    And being in that totally confident state of mind, my night can’t go wrong!
  6. Cosy Weekend playlist
    This one is more a lazy background playlist. Perfect when you have friends over, playing in the background.

Every occasion needs his specific type of music.
It will only build a stronger connection between your mind and soul.

With Love and Happiness :: ANN ::

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