:: LifeHacks :: BODY (3)

Besides healthy food is a daily exercise a must too.
When I created my daily routine, I made it very easy.
The app – 7minute WorkOut – was perfect for it.
I could easily integrate the work out in my morning ritual. And after 2 weeks, I was looking forward to do the work out. I started to do multiple series a day.

The app helped me too because of Ally. She was my instructor. She counted and motivated me during the work out. That’s why I can recommend this app to start with.

By doing a daily exercise, I felt more active during the day.
It made it easier to start my day and being fully focused the rest of the day.

If you want to stay motivated at all times, don’t go crazy from the start.
It’s better to start small and grow stronger along the way.

Now, design your own work out and let’s get started!
Life the happy -healthy- life!

With love and happiness :: ANN ::

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