:: LifeHacks :: Recipe – Pasta Sauce

Nothing better than a delicious pasta sauce.
I make every 2 weeks a fresh batch. With a lot of vegetables.
Perfect to eat with pasta, rice or wraps. Whatever I don’t eat on the first night, I portion and put in the freezer.

My preferred recipe:
Onion or sjalot – fresh tomatoes – zucchini – mushrooms – carrots – red, green and yellow bell peppers – ground meat – tomato sauce

Wash and cut all the vegetables.
Melt butter – fry the onion –  add the ground meat.
Add the rest of the vegetables expect the tomatoes.
Let all of it simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the fresh tomatoes and the tomato sauce.
Season with thyme, oregano and curry, pepper and salt.

This one is super simple but so delicious.
And as I love to cook, this pasta sauce is old school and very easy to make.

So jump in the kitchen and make yourself some healthy pasta!

With Love and Happiness :: ANN ::



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