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Friday! Yay! Weekend ahead!
I still remember the Fridays when I was a kid.
We would go to the grocery store, my mom, my 2 sisters and my brother. We’d buy the food for the weekend and mom would be cooking Saturday afternoon. Sometimes we would help, sometimes we would be making apple cake on Friday to eat it Saturday as dessert.

I believe my mom really encouraged us to eat healthy.
And to share that meal all together, at the table in the kitchen.
We’d be talking about the week, what we’d be doing in the weekend, where we’d go.

Having a large table in the kitchen was a MUST when me and my boyfriend bought our first house. Both of us were coming from a big family so dinner parties were at least for 6 or more people. We invested in a big wooden table of 2,40m which was placed prominently in the middle of the kitchen. It was a real piece of art as we would revolve around it in our house. Both of us loved to cook, still do.

Here in New York, I still cook for myself. Not the most fancy things, but small, healthy meals. Whenever I have the chance, I cook for friends or room mates.
Not that I make the most exquisite meals, it’s not about the food, it’s about the party, whoever is joining me, whoever I want to share a meal, story or life with.

So, with the weekend ahead of us, let’s make some diner plans!
Go, pick up your phone, scroll in your address list and invite some friends over for diner tonight!
Why don’t you provide the time, the place, utensils and surround system and let everybody bring something over too?
Make plans, exchange idea’s about who’s going to bring the wine, the starters, the main course and dessert? Or will you be sharing all small plates? Will you be cooking or buying the food?

Go ahead! Make it fun! Be social!

With Love and Happiness :: ANN ::

Feel free to share your story #LifeHacksByAnn

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