:: LifeHacks :: BODY (1)

YOU are your most important asset.
And since you are living inside your body, this should be your first priority.

When I first started my pursuit to happiness, I started with myself.
Who is Ann?
What do I do for myself?
What gives me energy?
What do I know about myself?
What will I always be, regardless my age, the time or the place I’m in?
Where do I have to start?

– To be able to care of somebody else, you have to be able to take care of yourself first –
And since I love to eat – not only does it keep me alive, I truly love to cook a healthy meal, I started by setting up a routine focused around food.

A healthy breakfast with yoghurt, granola and fruit.
2 pieces of fruit during the day and a warm meal in the evening.
I changed my diet from the standart meat-vegetable-potato set up to a more personal combination. I didn’t feel like eating meat every day. Besides, the meat in New York wasn’t the quality I was accustomed to when I was living in Belgium.

I turned into a Flexitarier as I couldn’t ban meat or fish entirely.
I still eat meat or fish when I feel like it but I’ve put my focus on vegetables.
When I’m cooking, I choose between 2 or 4 different vegetable in combination with rice, pasta, eggs, quinoa or faro.

I want you to design a personal diet for yourself.
Don’t make it too difficult, don’t go crazy.
Never make anything you cannot pronounce the name of.
Keep it simple, it will help you to keep going.
If you need some help, I will be sharing some of my idea’s next!

With love and Happiness :: ANN ::

Feel free to share your story #LifeHacksByAnn

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