:: LifeHacks :: GOODBYE

Don’t worry, this isn’t a real goodbye. We just started, remember?
It’s a goodbye to whoever you don’t want to be anymore.
Closing the chapter, one of the most important steps in your journey.
Maybe not the easiest one, but for sure the one that is necessary for you to grow.

I am about to give you an important task.
I want you to go outside, into the woods, to a park, to the beach,…
Wherever you have the time and space to let go.
Take some paper with you and some pens.

You there? Good.
Now I want you to write down everything you don’t want to be anymore.
Skeletons from the past, mistakes, things you regret you’ve done.
Things you want to burry, keep them away from your happiness.

Write them down, draw them on the paper.
Release them from your inner self.
Let go of the past, let it all out…

Now you have all the bad things there… Get rid of them.
Tear them apart, crush them, destroy everything.
Wreck the papers, demolish all evidence of the past.

It’s time for the new YOU.
Don’t let anybody hold anything over your head.
It’s out there, it’s done.

Start with a clean slate, start building the new you!

With Love and Happiness :: ANN ::

Feel free to share your story #LifeHacksByAnn

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