:: LifeHacks :: MOTIVATION

So nice to see you decided to hop on board!
We’re going to make it an awesome journey!
You and me… It’s going to be great!
Beyond expectations, you will AMAZE everybody!

Are you feeling it already? Great!
I’m super motivated, I want you to succeed,
I want you to become the person you want to be!

I want you to be the girl every guy wants, the girl every other girl wants to be.
I bet you know her, you’re looking at her when she walks into the club, when she’s passing by in the streets. Her clothes always according the latest mode, her make up spotless, impressive accessories to upgrade her outfit even more.
She is so confident, smiles to everybody, knows exactly what she is doing and enjoys every moment of it.
When she is around, you want to be seen around her.
When she leaves, you want to be leaving with her.

Or that guy,
The way he acts makes you wonder about him.
He must be successful, travel the world for work, lives in that amazing penthouse in the coolest area of the city.
He owns it, every single time you meet with him.

I’m sure you know both of them.
They are the people you look up to, you want to measure yourself against them, they will keep you going. They are your motivation!

I want you to find that person, your motivation, your ‘why am I doing this?’.
It can be a famous person, your boss, the guest in the restaurant you’re working in, the guy you schedule in the agenda for 2pm. Whoever it is, write it down in your journal. Write down his/her name and why you look up to them. What makes you wonder about them.
Don’t forget todays date, it will be another day of your new life!

You will make it!

With Love and Happiness :: ANN ::

Feel free to share your story #LifeHacksByAnn

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