LifeHacks by :: ANN ::

How to live the happy life?
How to be amazed?
How to create an amazing social life and professional network?

I have to say I don’t know all the answers to all these questions yet.
But I’m working on it, trying to find the answers.
And since I believe it shouldn’t be a one-man road, I’d love to share my experiences with you in the ‘LifeHacks-Series’.

Would you like to hop on board? Great!
Let’s make it an awesome journey, together.

So feel free to share all your thoughts with friends, family, neighbors and roommates.
With the people in the street, your coworkers at the office, the lovely guy or girl sitting at the bar, the cute barista in the coffee shop on your way to work,… EVERYBODY!

I love to inspire people, not to lecture them, but to make them better.
See me as a part time life coach, somebody fighting together with you – not against you – to make you better, stronger, happier.
I’m not claiming my way is the best way but for me, this is working.

I’ll hand you my tools, what you do with it, that’s entirely up to you.
We’ll meet once or twice a week, here, online.
I will share some thoughts, idea’s, will give you some homework – nothing difficult – something fun to do with your family, friends or by yourself.
Small things to keep you going, it will be so much fun!

I’m wishing for you everything you deserve (and more) and a great journey along the way!

With love and happiness  :: ANN ::

Feel free to share your story #LifeHacksByAnn

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