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Creating your comfort zone

Everyday I came home full of new idea's, new inputs and new experiences. I had to channel all this new information into something I could work with and build on. My room was the perfect place to unwind and to let all those new impressions since in. On the wall, I posted a large map … Continue reading Creating your comfort zone

New Life :: Keeping a journal

When I was still in boarding school, I kept a diary. Just to write down my thoughts, how I felt, what I learned and where I could improve. Keeping a journal or diary is a great way to keep track of your personal progress. 'You are here' - 'Start at the beginning.' It can help … Continue reading New Life :: Keeping a journal

New York (4) – Creating a new life …

So then here we are... I didn't have a plan but to make sure I could accomplish all the crazy things I had in mind, I had to create some kind of structure. I had to design a routine for myself. You're more productive in the morning so waking up early was the perfect start … Continue reading New York (4) – Creating a new life …

The People :: Pieter & Charlotte

I call them my New York Parents. They're from Belgium and are living in New York. Since I met them during my first week here, we've created plenty of memories together. What I admire the most about them is how they build a whole life here in New York, including 2 adorable kids, Jerome and … Continue reading The People :: Pieter & Charlotte

New York (3) – Moving day

After 1 week together with Marjorie, I moved to an apartment in Brooklyn. Well, a room in an apartment, in one of those very pretty brownstones. We were living on the top floor and my room was about the size of my room in boarding school. This was New York City living in it's purest … Continue reading New York (3) – Moving day